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  Absolutely Fabulous Events and Productions Inc.  
  Neon Party Props - centerpieces, props, signs, cocktail trays, trussing, grids  
  Spandex party products for tables, chairs, trusses  
  Battery Powered LED Pinspots  
  Jumbo Letter Backdrops  
  Absolutely Clear Rentals - clear acrylic chairs and tables for your event  
  Spandex DJ Supply - speaker covers, stage frame covers, fabric panels, truss wraps  
  Spandex Catering Supply - tray jack stand covers, trash covers, chair covers, igloo cooler covers  
  Truss Covers - truss wraps, lighting products, trussing, trussing sleeves  
  That's Cool Events - illuminated decor and innovative products for your party or special event
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